Christian Peschke designed the "George Tabori Prize" for the Performing Arts Fund in Berlin.

The "George -Tabori" for performing arts was awarded for the first time on Monday, May 31, 2010 in the "Berliner Ensemble" in Berlin. After winning the tender for the design of the prize sculpture, it was a great challenge for the sculptor and painter Christian Peschke, who lived and worked in Bavaria and South Tyrol, to create a special symbol, he wanted to bring feelings to life with this sculpture, because that's what it's about it with dance and theater.
The fact that the award, which is dedicated to the great director and author "George Tabori", who died in 2007, spurred Christian Peschke on in his work.
Many celebrities from art, culture and politics were invited to the first presentation and presentation of this prize
The award winners, the "" group from Dresden and the "Duo Gintersdorfer-Klaßen" from Hamburg, were then celebrated together in this historic and wonderful theater with a large buffet.
For Christian Peschke, the design of this special prize is another milestone in his 30-year career and encourages him to continue his artistic work with all his heart and soul.
"The inner strength that dwells in us, but also the creativity that determines our active life, should be conveyed to the viewer in a way that is visible and palpable in dance expression" (quote from Christian Peschke)
The sculpture is meant to pay homage to art in the memory of George Tabori and to be a challenge for your work for performing artists.



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